It’s great to meet you! Kind of….Hopefully we can meet face to face sometime soon! My name is Ashleigh Parker. And that guy in the picture with me is the one who makes my heart whole; my husband, Dalton. In our arms is our rainbow baby, Harlyn, and our newest little love (as of June 2022) Cole. I am many things. A daughter, sister, wife, mom, friend to all, coffee and photography junkie, and lover of all things vintage. When I got married in 2017, I knew right then and there that photographing love stories was my destiny! So here I am. Ready to serve YOU through this journey and beyond.

The laughs, the cries, the hugs. I capture ALL those moments you might soon forget. So I will prompt you to tell each other your favorite thing about the other. To whisper a funny joke in their ear. To kiss their face and run your hands through their hair. I don’t want perfect – I am here to document YOU being YOU. And don’t worry – I’ll tell you what to do with your hands!

So if you are all for running through tall grass, and want to vibe with the setting sun, then call me, because I would love to chase the light with you!

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