How to Have an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Earth Day has come and gone, but I’m stuck in the “save the Earth” groove! Not a bad thing though, am I right? So I’ve compiled a few tips to help cut waste and have an eco-friendly wedding of your dreams! 

  1. If you’re using real flowers ask your florist to minimize the amount of green foam blocks. These are plastic and one time use items, so the equivalent to foam cups! Also, ask the florist to use newspapers to wrap arrangements instead of plastic!
  2. Use recycled confetti! As you make your exit from the church, have your guests shower you with recycled confetti! Check out this biodegradable confetti mix for less than $30:
  3. If you’re serving drinks in aluminum cans, have a designated trash can for recyclables near the bar. If you’re serving wine and other beverages, try using glass cups! If your venue doesn’t provide these, you can buy a case of small to medium mason jars at most grocery stores. Or, if you want a more elegant flair, try renting goblets and other pieces of glassware! Collective Charm is a trusted vendor that provides a wide array of colored glass and china. Browse through their collection here:
  4. If you’re providing wedding favors or “take-home” bags for treats, use brown paper bags in lieu of cellophane bags. Personally I love these with the touch of gold:
  5. If hiring an outside caterer, ask if they provide glass plates, metal utensils, and cloth napkins! 

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