Private Vows

I will never grow tired of hearing the vows that a couple writes to one another. Each uniquely different but expressing the same gratitude, love, and appreciation for that person in their life. To just hear them put into words their undying love for the other seriously pulls on my heart, and I will neither confirm nor deny shedding a few tears at these ceremonies.

If you and your soon-to-be-spouse aren’t comfortable exchanging written vows in front of family members, consider writing a letter to one another. For my own wedding we opted for this option. My husband wasn’t too keen on standing in front of 150 people, confessing his undying love for me. And to be honest, neither was I.

If you or your significant other are a bit shy and have many layers to their souls that take a lot to show people, doing a letter that you read either privately or to each other might be the best way to go. This gives you the opportunity to put into words exactly how much they mean to you. You want to be as candid and raw as possible as your expressing your gratitude, appreciation, and admiration for this other human soul. As amazing as it can be celebrating this moment with your grandparents, and parents, aunts, uncles, etc etc etc., this moment can be even deeper and heartfelt as you both sit in your wedding attire. Getting ready to see one another. And reading just how hard they love you, and the promises they’ll keep on this journey we call marriage.

So don’t be afraid to be different! Don’t be afraid to stray from the “traditional” vows. You do you. This is YOUR day, and how you want to spend it and remember it is completely up to you!

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