The Moments I Live For…


THIS!!! This is what i live for.
When i first decided that i wanted to photograph weddings, never in my wildest dreams did i know that over time i would become so much more than just that. At first i wanted to just capture “pretty pictures.” But now. I realized serving my clients is so much more than just capturing their day.
I have helped give the last details of a wedding timeline to the venue. I have helped fix hair disasters that broke a brides heart. I’ve been a friend to offer advice to a nervous groom.
I’ve helped put on shoes. I’ve held the hands of mothers who can’t contain their tears. I’ve wrangled flower girls. And I’ve been the keeper of bouquets.
And I’ve reminded these couples that this is their day. And I’m here to serve THEM.
That everyone is here for them. That nothing on this day could happen to make you any less married than any other couple, and to just shrug off the small stuff.
And when i see my couples enjoying their day like this; with lots of hugs. Laughter. And genuine smiles; i know my job is done.

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