First Looks

Brides/Grooms: First looks may be a small detail on your day, some of you may even forget about this detail all together! Some of you may already have made the decision to break tradition and see each other before the ceremony. But for those who are on the fence, this one’s for you.

Personally: I did a “first look.” Naturally, I’m an anxious person. The morning of my wedding i could barely eat, talk, or sit still. I was a nervous WRECK. I never thought i would be so overwhelmed! When i finally saw Dalton, and he pulled me close, my nerves melted away. I could finally BREATHE! And not just because i was holding my breath ’cause my dress was a liiiiiitle tighter than it was at my final fitting. But because the anchor to my soul, my rock, the avocado to my toast, was embracing me. And my soul was settled in that very moment. We had a few minutes alone, which is all i needed to connect with him. I could finally relax (a little…) and enjoy the time i got to spend with everyone before the ceremony!

Some of you may want to wait until you are walking down the aisle. Some girls dream of the moment that each of them are standing at opposite ends of the aisle, flowers in hand, and you lock eyes on that other half of your soul. It. Is. So. Magical. To see your partner’s face light up with just raw and real JOY is priceless.

Wether you choose to do one over the other, the one thing i ALWAYS recommend is to write a good old fashioned love letter to your other half. Something that isn’t going to be in your vows. Something that they can read and hold onto for the rest of your days together. Something between just the two of you.

And as you cry while you read it, i’m sure i will be there getting tissues for the both of us. So do what your heart desires. After all, that’s the point of the day.

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