7 Lessons My Dog Diesel Taught Me

It’s no secret that my dog Diesel is my WORLD. I mean, i have his name tattooed on the bottom of my foot and I even named my photography business after him! So yeah, you could say he means a lot to me.
I got Diesel from a sketchy guy in the parking lot of Wendy’s when he was just a wee little pup; 8 weeks old. I was just an 18 year old with some money to buy him. He was the last of the litter. He was sick. No one wanted him! As soon as i saw those long velvety ears and those paws that were bigger than his face, i was SOLD. And from that moment on, my heart has always been his.

He has lived in 4 different homes with me. From the corn fields of Okeana to the busy streets of Westwood, to a small apartment in Fairfield, and to our current home in a small, quiet town. He has been there for me through absolute heartbreak and tragedy. He’s been there for some of the happiest moments of my life. He was there to give me a laugh exactly when i needed it the most. And he was there to stomp all over my school projects; ensuing pure panic as i tried fixing them before class. From our adventures hiking around the woods, to running around on UC’s campus, he’s been my partner in crime since day one.

Diesel’s birthday is October 18th (the one the Vet picked because I actually had no idea.) And so in honor of my bear turning 7 years old, here is 7 Lessons My Dog Diesel Taught Me.

  1. Don’t take everything so serious
    It’s life. Things will happen. It’s alright to be silly and run into closed doors, and spill your entire bowl of water over cause you got extra happy to see your mom. Brush it off, and just keep going. Something i keep having to remind myself lately.
  2. Naps.
    Just take ’em. Anywhere. Anytime. Find that buddy you love and cuddle up and nap.  And don’t be afraid to snore.
  3. Peanut Butter Is Always The Answer
    No explanation needed.
  4. Sharing Is Caring
    My poor Diesel Boy has NO IDEA what personal space is. I’ll admit he has gotten much better about it over the years, but if you’re eating one of his favorite snacks (i.e. ANYTHING) be prepared for drool to cover your legs….. Cause he aint backing down till he gets a taste.
  5. Love Everyone
    Diesel has never met another creature, both animal and human, that he doesn’t want to be friends with. Wether its a 5 lb dog at the dog park or a one-ton cow, Diesel just wants to play and be friends. And i think thats something that we all can practice in our daily lives. Say hi to the stranger next to you in the check out lane. Compliment the nail polish color of the barista making your coffee. Meet every person as a friend.
  6. It’s okay to sometimes be afraid
    Of life. The vacuum. Whichever. It won’t last forever.
  7. There is never enough time….
    We all know this to be true. But when you get a pet, you are just signing yourself up to be heartbroken later down the road, and just hope that the years you have together will comfort you in those times. So never take a moment for granted. Give the extras snuggles, extra lovin’s, and extra pieces of cheese, cause you never really know when your last moment with your best friend could be….

There are endless things having Diesel in my life has taught me. Sacrifice, love, understanding, and loyalty to just name a few. And i’m forever grateful to be his mom. This 100 lb wrinkly beast has brought sunshine on my darkest days. At times he has been the only motivation to keep working harder. Diesel, I love you. And i can only hope he knows that he is my special boy and that i love him more than anything….

Happy Birthday, Pookie Bear. Momma Loves You.

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